Sport and leisure time: how to improve physical performance between training and nutrition

Sports performance is very closely related to athletic preparation and the exercises that are carried out, both at amateur and professional level, both for those who practice a sport and for those who are dedicated to fitness. In order to obtain the energy properties indicated for a specific physical effort, in addition to keeping a proper diet it is possible to take natural supplements to obtain the right nutritional properties and make the diet as balanced as possible for physical effort. To learn more just search online for the best natural supplements. To improve physical performance through nutrition, you must choose foods with the right nutritional qualities and combine them with each other according to the subjective needs of each athlete.

The determining factors are the quantity, the balance of the combination of macro- and micro-nutrients in relation to the effort, the right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats. Both for the professional athlete and for those who want to keep fit, diet plays a key role closely linked to the type of training undertaken. Following a personalised programme is the first step towards improving sports performance The quality and quantity of food products, together with their combination, are necessary to cover energy requirements, so a personalised programme is the ideal solution for improving sports performance and also muscle structure. A personalised diet must provide the adequate energy for the correct amount of nutrients, both during athletic preparation and during sports competitions.

In this way the performance is better consistently and in any situation. Even when it comes to the exercises to be performed and the type of training, a personalized program allows you to improve your performance and sculpt your physique. Correct diet and nutrient supplementationCorrect diet and the right nutrient supplementation are the cornerstones of a personalised programme based on an athlete's subjective body constitution, and heart rate monitoring is also a key factor in achieving the right form. Before the competition, it is necessary to follow a diet that provides the right reserves of muscle and liver glycogen to achieve the best possible physical performance.

Supplementation during sports performance involves the right intake of minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Post-competition or post-training integration is essential for energy recovery and muscle reconstruction, numerous studies in recent years have highlighted the beneficial properties of CBD, as it can offer optimal support especially during recovery. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for muscle relaxation of tissues, but also to treat chronic pain and inflammation. cbd improves recovery after physical exertion and relaxes the muscles.

The stimulation of anabolic phenomena for the reconstruction of muscle mass, which is damaged during physical exertion, is a good way to improve the physical structure. This explains why nutrition and sports performance are closely linked; only by following a personalised training plan and diet can you improve muscle quality and therefore sports performance.

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