Study courses with a future - in these areas it is worthwhile to get started

Our world is no longer the same and this is by no means only related to the health crisis. Due to the rapid progress of the digital transformation, many areas of our society have changed and logically the education sector is not exempt from this. As a result, many students are wondering what they should study to be prepared for the future. In any case, there is no lack of attractive fields and in this article we would like to introduce you to some with a high potential.

Game DesignToday

's gaming is not comparable to what it was a few years ago and this is by no means only due to the advent of smartphones as well as their apps.

Modern technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality also play a major role. Therefore, studying in the field of game design is quite interesting. After all, you can independently program high-quality games like the Leovegas Razor Shark game after completing your studies. Self-explanatorily, this is usually not the case, as you will be working in a team.

However, that doesn't make the industry any less attractive. After all, there will be a lot happening in the coming years and passionate game designers can benefit from it.

Data ScienceBig

Data is probably something you're familiar with, and that's exactly why Data Science is a degree course with a future. There is even a study from Harvard University that confirms this. In fact, according to this study, being a Data Scientist is the most promising profession of the 21st century.

Admittedly, that's a bold statement, but there's no denying the potential. Analyzing data is essential for today's businesses. It is self-explanatory that the demand for relevant experts is continuously increasing. Digital


Transformation is a fairly new course of study and as you can probably guess, this is all about digitalisation.

Graduates of a digital transformation degree help companies with digital transformation. Since very few companies are at a remarkable level in this regard, the demand for such experts is quite high.

Environmental EngineeringThis

degree program is not related to digitalization, but it is at least as attractive. After all, our world is at a critical juncture due to climate change and other environmental issues.

If we don't solve these problems, the consequences could be dire. This is where environmental engineers come in. Among other things, they know how to manage resources in a sustainable manner. Such expertise is of great value in today's world.

With the right specialization, environmental engineers have a good chance of finding an attractive job. Moreover, it is a profession that is exemplary from an ethical point of view.

Public HealthDemographic

change is another problem that Germany is facing. Our society is getting older and older and at the same time our medicine is getting better and better. As a result, even the pension system is threatening to collapse, which could lead to an even worse crisis than the one we are currently facing.

Experts in the field of public health are looking for solutions to address this problem. It's not just a matter of watching future developments. It is also important to analyse and manage them, as both theory and practice are relevant.

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