The entrepreneur and his tools

Every day more and more people decide to leave their traditional jobs to start their own business where they can have full control of their time. Conventional jobs calculate the salary according to the time worked, a situation that limits a little the desire for more income.On the contrary, when an entrepreneur makes the decision to leave the ties to a company and start his own business, it is because he is aware that he can generate more income in less time without having to keep to a certain schedule or attend a certain place.

The Internet is the opportunity

Today, the Internet offers entrepreneurs the great opportunity to start their business, without having to invest large amounts of money or hire staff.One of the advantages of business on the web is that they can be located anywhere in the world and the entrepreneur does not need to have a physical infrastructure. Only a good computer that allows to make all the managements inherent to the work. By not investing in an office or premises, you save a significant amount of money that can be invested in other matters.As the company is digital and on the Internet, customers will come from anywhere in the world.

The market is expanding enormously and customer-users are joining in at the click of a button. To achieve even more success, you must work on an efficient positioning plan so that your business page is placed within the first places in search engines.Now, once you have established your page and have customers that drive your business, you need to know the number of backlinks to your page. Why? because through them you will know the number of pages that link to yours.

Tools for web business backlinks

The Internet also offers many tools for analyzing backlinks. Some of them are free versions and others have to be paid.

The important thing is that you can choose those that are more adapted to the needs of your business at the moment. Here are some of them:


It is one of the most popular, it shows both the quality and quantity of the backlinks and the total ranking of the website. Its interface is very friendly which allows for easy understanding and use.


For entrepreneurs the service of this tool is quite simple, it analyzes both pages and entire sites, and the user has the possibility to handle filters for faster and more accurate results.

SmallSeo tools

It serves to obtain a complete report of all the analyzed backlinks. It is ideal for those who are not in a more developed or professional phase.

Its only disadvantage is that, in opportunities, it becomes a little slow.Be constant with your website and analyze it as much as you can with the previous options to improve your business and your position on the web as well as your relationship with the competition.

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