Unproductive leisure, a common evil

Currently, we find some types of leisure activities that are very extended and generalized and that do not provide a direct benefit to the people who enjoy them. From the most absolute passivity to the consumption of harmful substances, there are many forms of leisure chosen by young people and adults that suppose a damage for the health or the spirit. In no case it is possible to make general affirmations since there are many people who have very productive methods of leisure and, even, associations exist to share these entertainments making them even more interesting. This is the case of some examples such as online games, online casinos or the use of social networks that should be used with a responsible attitude and always taking the right measure.

What do we do wrong? Leisure can be defined as the activities we do during the free time we have left once all our daily obligations are over. As a rule, this time is very limited and it is paradoxical that we do not know how to take advantage of it for maximum enjoyment. Resting for a whole day can be beneficial for the body and mind, however, letting our free time run every day without activating our body does not mean true rest. On the other hand, activating the mind with activities of interest to us but different to those performed during the working day, is the best system of psychological rest.

It is easy to see a person lying on the couch at home with the TV on and the mobile phone in his hands thinking that he is resting every day when he leaves work. Another common way is to walk around a shopping mall, buy unnecessary things and eat junk food. These types of attitudes are what become really harmful with repetition.

  • The regular practice of some sport is always at the top of the list of productive activities for the body. Finding the right sport will be the key to transforming an obligation into entertainment.
  • Both body and mind will appreciate a trip to the field.

    Contact with nature activates the body and enhances well-being immediately. People who do not have the possibility to access the countryside easily can bet on the green areas of their city.

  • Personal skills and interests also help to find the most suitable leisure activity. A person interested in astronomy, meteorology, collecting or many other disciplines, can dedicate their free time to promote this hobby as the most productive leisure that can be achieved. There are many specialized groups that allow participation in joint activities, thus helping the beginner and encouraging greater enjoyment through shared activity and socialization with different individuals.

Anabelle Pelletier
Anabelle Pelletier

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